You know it’s a good one when you can’t even keep these in your fridge long enough to take pictures. That’s batch number two you’re looking at and there’s been a number three since!

These are so tasty, but my favourite part has to be the skin benefits from the Marine Collagen + Co-Factors. 

Vitamin C and Silicon are added to support the collagen production in your body, unlike other products that only have collagen (who doesn’t love extras!?)

The collagen is derived from wild-caught fish versus cattle and pig, which has has a lower environmental footprint.


2 Cups of Almond Flour

1/2 Cup of Cashew Butter

1/2 Cup of Pumpkin Puree

1/4 Cup of Bend Beauty Marine Collagen + Co-Factors (Unflavoured)

2 Tbsp of Cacao Nibs

2 Tbsp of Maple Syrup

1 Tbsp of Melted Coconut Oil

1 tsp of Pumpkin Spice

Directions: Combine everything together and roll into balls then store in the fridge. Wanna take it to the next level? Melt some gluten and dairy-free chocolate chips and then coat the balls!

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About the author: Tanya Paulin is a Holistic Health & Nutrition coach based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Click here to check out her Instagram.