We are bending and shifting the ways people traditionally think about skincare at Bend Beauty. Often when we think of skincare, we think of topical creams, serums, exfoliants and cleansers – and these are all wonderful types of products that are part of a complete skin health routine. With that said, a central component of our brand is the concept of beauty from within. We believe you must nourish the connections inside your body, to affect noticeable change on the outside.  

Enter skin health supplements, i.e. supplements for skin, hair and nail health. 

While skin health supplements and vitamins are becoming increasingly popular (collagen especially), they are still met with some skepticism about their efficacy and effectiveness. That’s why we’ve build our products on a foundation of research and science-based evidence that prove what you put inside you really does affect how your skin looks on the surface.  

The key difference between skin health supplements (also known as nutraceuticals) and topical skincare is that ingesting your skincare products means they’re absorbed by the blood stream and carried by the blood vessels to the deepest layer of the skin: the dermis. This is what we often refer to as your “true skin”. What we see on the surface (the epidermis), is the thin outer layer of the skin that acts as a barrier and protection of what is below. This layer of the skin is constantly sloughing/exfoliating and turning over to reveal the skin beneath, therefore, it is essential that the new skin cells are healthy and nourished. 

From clinical trials to professionally shot before and afters we want to give you every reason to trust that Bend Beauty natural skin health supplements are the foundation of every great skincare routine. 

When searching for the best supplements to support skin health, look no farther than Bend Beauty. Click here to start your skin health supplement journey today.