A new year is a great time to take stock of all of our various routines and make decisions about how we can level up. Is this your year to make your skin a top priority? Read on for the top ways you can optimize your skincare routine in 2020.

Trend #1: Ingestible beauty

Beauty supplements, or nutraceuticals, will continue to become staples of any complete skincare routine. Skincare enthusiasts continue to note that while topical skincare is important, ingesting your skincare can have a drastic effect on the quality and look of your skin. From Marine Collagen to antioxidant and omega supplements like Bend Anti-Aging Formula, if you haven’t incorporated an ingestible into your skincare routine, now is the time to give it a try.

Trend #2: Sustainability

Expect both premium and value brands to jump on the green bandwagon this year – everything from packaging to ingredients are getting an eco-friendly makeover, and companies can either jump on the train or be left behind in the dust. According to mindbodygreen, “eco-anxiety” is on the rise as people fear for the future of our planet. Expect more creative zero-waste packaging options, clean ingredients that are sustainably sourced and lots more ways to green-ify your skincare routine.

Trend #3: Less products that work harder

Gone are the days of the 20 minute skincare routine – instead, choose less products that work harder to give you better results in less time. Try paring down to your routine to see what’s really working for you, and what you can remove – perhaps adding a high-quality ingestible will give you the glowing foundation to work with that doesn’t require as many products to achieve better results. 

Trend #4: Anti-Inflammatory everything

It is officially the year of all things anti-inflammatory – from your diet to your skincare routine. If you aren’t already taking an omega 3 supplement, it’s time to start. Omega 3s decrease skin inflammation and the associated redness and scaling. Expect to see additional anti-inflammatory ingredients popping up in various skincare products, like tumeric, CBD, rose water and lots more. 

Trend #5: Continued focus on our gut health/microbiome

This year, we’ll see continued focus on optimizing our gut health which effects everything from our skin to our moods. As we delve deeper into the connection between gut and skin, we’ll continue to see a host of prebiotic and probiotic products that can have skin benefits, and we are here for it. 

We want to know: what skincare trend are you most excited to try in 2020? Let us know.