Our mouths are watering over this delicious recipe for Marine Collagen-infused popsicles! Thanks to Tanya, one of our Brand Ambassadors, for sharing.

Tanya loves supplementing with collagen which works from the inside out to keep her hair, skin, and nails healthy. What’s even more powerful is combining collagen with vitamin C and silicon since they help with collagen production.

Tanya takes her collagen every morning with her supplements but she also loves adding it in to treats like these popsicles:

-2 cups of coconut water
-2 tbsp of @bendbeauty Strawberry Marine Collagen + Cofactors
-A cup of mixed frozen or fresh berries

Divide the berries into your popsicle molds, then mix in the collagen into the coconut water and pour it into the molds. Freeze until solid.
 You may need to adjust the ingredient portions depending on the size of your molds.
Tanya didn’t have regular popsicle molds so she used a large ice cube tray + coffee stirring sticks. These could be made with so many different flavour combos. Let us know if you try any you love!