Introducing Skin Climate

High UV index. Periods of rain. A mix of sun and cloud. Chances are, you’re checking the weather every day to see what the climate is throwing your way, to ensure you’re dressing properly and shielding yourself from the elements. Raincoats, sunscreen and appropriate footwear help ensure that you’re moving through your day protected, minimizing the damage and discomfort the weather can cause. At Bend Beauty, we believe that the same way a region’s climate describes the weather conditions, your skin also has an internal climate that describes the underlying conditions that conduct skin repair, breakdown and thus, the aging process. Essentially, your Skin Climate is a mirror of what’s happening internally in your body. What’s happening inside you is reflected on the outside. 

Let’s dive in further.

What you see in the mirror tells you so much about what’s happening underneath your skin, contributing to its appearance. This is impacted by a variety of factors such as your diet, level of exercise, quality of sleep, how well you’re managing stress and your mental health, and your body’s internal inflammation, which is connected to a ton of health concerns. Toxic build-up in the deeper layers of the skin contributes to inflammation, and may appear as:

  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Premature aging and wrinkling in the skin
  • Brown liver spots which project an older appearance
  • Red itchy rashes anywhere on the body
  • Deep painful rashes which may lead to ulcers
  • Hives
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne

Along with your internal environment, Skin Climate is also impacted by the external environment. You’re sitting in traffic, you’re exposed to secondhand smoke, you forget your sun protection – it’s all exposure to harmful free radicals that have a negative impact on Skin Climate, accelerating the aging process. 

Now that you’re aware of the concept of Skin Climate, get ready for more content coming your way that will dive deeper into it, including of course, how Bend Beauty products have been created to optimize your own Skin Climate.

Our Skin Climate Series will cover the following:

What is chronic inflammation and how do we fight it?

What is free radical stress and how do we protect ourselves?

The Connection between gut health and skin (Gut/Skin Axis)

The Connection between liver health and skin (Liver/Skin Axis)

As always, we love hearing from our readers. Connect with us at any time to learn more. 

Have a beautiful day!