Bend Beauty products are built on a foundation of research. We frequently talk about the science behind our products, because it’s one of the most important aspects of our company. We are constantly doing novel, innovative research that not only allows us to understand new elements of skin health and skincare, but we’re also applying that directly into our products so that they actually do what they claim to do. 

Our Research and Development team is comprised of Anna Jean Reid, Product Development Manager and used to include Dr. Steven Hall, Research Scientist. Dr. Hall came to Bend Beauty via a Mitacs research fellowship and studied Renew + Protect, exploring how our groundbreaking formula works the way it does, as well as expanding our insights into even more wonderful benefits of taking this product daily.

As a proudly Canadian company, we are thrilled to conduct this research in our hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. To learn more about Mitacs and our Research and Development team, please click here.