Our name, Bend Beauty, comes from the idea that we are bending and shifting the ways people traditionally think about skincare and beauty. While topical products are important, we know it’s what you put inside your body that drastically affects what you see on the surface. Today, we’re diving into omega 3 fatty acids and why they’re a crucial part of a top-notch skincare routine. 

  1. Deficiencies are common.

How many servings of oily, fatty fish are you eating per week? According to the study linked above, most of us aren’t getting enough, especially younger adults and females. Introducing more omega 3s into your diet via high-quality supplementation like our Renew + Protect formulas could make a world of difference in your complexion – check out our Real Results page for proof. You could be missing out on some seriously glowing skin.

2. It supports healthy aging. 

We’re constantly searching for informative articles to share with our audience that detail what to eat for glowing skin – and omega 3s make the list every time. Perhaps that’s why this study found that supplementing with omega 3 could slow a key biological process related to aging. 

3. Increased resistance to sunburn. 

A diet rich in omega 3 may reduce your skin’s response to sunburn. Even better, supplement with Renew + Protect and increase your skin’s resistance to UV-induced sunburn by up to 84%. Additional ingredients in Renew + Protect combined with omega 3s are what produced these incredible results in our clinical trial. 

4. Decreases skin Inflammation

Increasing your intake of EPA and DHA, both found in omega-3 fatty acids, results in increased lipids in the skin. These fatty acids, particularly EPA, are metabolized into anti-inflammatory compounds in the skin, thereby reducing inflammation and associated redness and scaling. This is why omega-3 supplements are often prescribed to improve symptoms of eczema/atopic dermatitis – and Renew + Protect is approved for treating these skin conditions. 

The research is clear – healthy skin and omega 3s go hand in hand. The best way to ensure you’re incorporating high-quality omega-3 supplementation into your diet is by taking Renew + Protect. It’s so much more than just an omega-3 supplement since it combines several synergistic ingredients like borage oil, lutein, and zeaxanthin into one amazing beauty supplement. It also contains vitamin D, which offers a host of skin health and wellness benefits. These ingredients work synergistically to produce the incredible results people have experienced from the product. 

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