My name is Laura. I am 40. I am an esthetician. And I am a Bend Beauty believer. The image above depicts the results I experienced after four weeks of taking Bend Beauty Renew + Protect daily, and after two weeks of taking Bend Beauty Marine Collagen + Co-Factors. The image you’ll see once you scroll down was after just one week of taking this product.

When I made the decision to become an esthetician at the age of 20, I knew very little about the field – just that it sounded fun. I was genuinely surprised by how much I would love the work, building long-lasting relationships with my clients, some that have spanned several decades. Most of all, I love solving their mysteries – the mysteries of what’s happening with their skin or nails and how as a team, we are going to change it. Researching the reasons why these things happen became my hobby and fueled my fire to continue in this career. Through the 20 years I’ve spent as an esthetician, I’ve learned that “good skin” is a combination of several things. Choosing a healthy diet and drinking lots of water are the basis for any good skincare routine, as your diet will do much of the work before you even have to think about what cleanser to use, or which moisturizer will be most effective. Healthy, well-nourished skin requires less work. Be willing to ask questions and seek information that can support the skin you want to wear because you are entitled to have beautiful skin.

I’ve also learned that healthy skin takes commitment, and a band-aid approach will only work for so long before your skin needs true healing and attention. I’m living proof of this. I had no idea that my professional knowledge was going to be put to such extensive use when after turning 40, my skin did what I consider “a nose-dive”: I was suffering from redness, blotchiness, darkening pigment, significant increases in lines and wrinkles around my eyes – even itchiness.

It felt like it happened overnight, but looking back, I had not paid as close attention to the factors in my life that I was already aware can change your skin. I should have known better. And I needed to do something.

It felt like divine intervention when the opportunity to try Bend Beauty occurred within mere weeks of my decision to actively treat the visible conditions I was dealing with on my skin. As I read through the information on their products and how they worked, everything I saw made complete sense: by using Renew + Protect, you calm the inflammation and allow your skin to heal itself – after all, that’s what it does every day. Then, as it heals itself, support its rebuilding by using Marine Collagen + Co-Factors to support the strengthening of the collagen structures of your skin to improve its overall condition and tone. I had to try it for myself. I have never been one to believe in fads or quick fixes, so I knew that a suitable remedy would take commitment, and giving it the time to work. Due to the critical condition my skin was in at the time I began taking Bend, my results felt miraculous. The calming effect brought changes so quickly that I then could start actively using the tools I had developed in my career to work with the better skin I was now building. My skin no longer reacted to everything, it was no longer itchy, it was no longer blotchy, and it could finally heal and rebuild. I often describe it to my clients as “my skin is no longer putting out mini-fires… and I can finally rebuild the damage”. It is a process that can feel like it is taking forever, and it can feel like you will never break through. But good things come to those who wait. And I’d say, for those who make the decision that they deserve to have healthy skin- Bend Beauty should be an integral part of that decision. You too will become a believer. Click here to experience Bend Beauty products for yourself. 

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