My name is Hannah I am a 22-year-old professional makeup artist.

The photo you see post are before and after two weeks on Bend Beauty Marine Collagen + Co-Factors.

I work at a beauty salon that sells Bend, and I had the opportunity to receive training and education on Bend Beauty products. After reading the information and understanding the science behind the products, I decided to give the Marine Collagen + Co-Factors a try. Taking Marine Collagen + Co-Factors involves mixing 2.5 teaspoons in water or another beverage of your choice daily.

The first change I noticed is that my skin began to look less angry and red. It felt softer and more hydrated. As time progressed, I found my skin, including my dark circles, got a bit brighter. When I apply my makeup now, it looks smoother and the amount of coverage I need has decreased dramatically.

As a makeup artist, I am constantly aware that makeup is only as good as the base underneath. I feel more confident speaking to my clients about the importance of skin now that the condition of mine has improved, and I’ve had firsthand experience with Bend products.

I constantly recommend Bend to clients and friends because I believe it will work for them like it has for me.

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