April 22 is Earth Day – which makes April Earth Month. This is a time to reflect and appreciate everything our planet provides, and on a personal level, to take a critical look at our day to day habits and make changes to become more environmentally friendly. If we all commit to making individual strides, collectively we will move the dial.

At Bend Beauty, we are often asked if we have a recycling program for our bottles. While we do not currently have the resources to implement such a program, it inspired our Earth Month 2019 Campaign. To highlight this occasion, we’ve come up with some amazing ideas for ways to reuse your Bend bottles, which we will be showcasing on our social media in the coming weeks.

Our journey to find creative ways to re-use our bottles starts at the Tare Shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The concept of the Tare Shop is simple and wonderful – you bring re-useable containers (like Bend bottles) and they weigh it for you. You fill your container with your desired item and pay by its weight. They have tons of products, from spices and grains to shampoo and Epsom salts.

Sarah, our Sales & Customer Experience Manager, headed to the Tare Shop with myself – hi! I’m Brooke, Bend Beauty Marketing Manager. Sarah and I were completely blown away by the selection of goods available.

We left with brown rice, whole wheat pasta, dried chickpeas, and farro in our previously empty Bend Renew + Protect soft-gel and Marine Collagen + Co-Factors bottles.

I am totally inspired to fill my pantry with empty Bend bottles containing spices, loose teas, cooking oils and everything else I already buy. This is an incredible resource that reduces your package consumption and it’s also amazingly cost effective. For those who aren’t based in Halifax, the same concept could be achieved in the bulk section of your favourite grocery store.

We would love to hear from you if you have ideas for how to recycle your Bend Bottles – share your photos using #wearebendingbeauty.