As parents, our winters consist of how often the kids can convince us to make them hot chocolate. Usually it’s a bargaining chip to get them outside in the cold months. We tell them to go play outside and when they get back in, I will have a mug of hot chocolate made for them. 

Of course, we gravitate to the quick fix premixed powder that is full of all of the yucky stuff that affects Aubrey. So in lieu of that I started to experiment with superfood powder Cacao and making a yummy homemade sugar free, dairy-free version. But as we tested out measurements for sweetness etc, I decided to take one of Aubrey’s rejected mugs (said it was not sweet enough) and added in some of my Bend Beauty Coconut Collagen powder. I swear by it for keeping my hair and nails strong along with all the inner body benefits of collagen, especially as I’m nursing. I am always trying to find new and exciting ways to add it to my day besides just mixing with water. You can check out my Matcha Latte here. 

In saying all of that, the Hot Cocoa tasted AMAZING, and on the colder days when I’m already making hot chocolate for the kids, or even as a little sippable dessert after the kids are in bed, it’s the perfect little indulgence that is not only giving you the benefits of Marine Collagen + Co-Factors but also the benefits of Cacao powder.

Coconut Collagen Super Hot Chocolate



  1. In a pot or milk frother whisk together all the ingredients starting with oat milk and maple syrup and then the powders. 
  2. Pour into a mug and enjoy.