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Creating Healthy Skin Habits

We like to think of skincare the way we think of any other healthy habit: in order to see results consistency is necessary. Here are some tips for creating healthy skin habits.

Four Reasons to take Omega Fatty Acids for Skin Health

We're diving into omega 3 fatty acids, like those found in Renew + Protect, and why they're a crucial part of a top-notch skincare routine.

Beauty at Any Age

We are often asked by customers of all ages if they will benefit from our products, and the answer is yes! Learn more.

The Liver-Skin Axis and Your Skin Climate

Learn about the liver-skin axis and your Skin Climate, the next installment in our Skin Climate series.

What is Free Radical Stress?

An essential component of the Bend Beauty Skin Climate story is free radical stress. Understanding how this occurs and contributes to poor Skin Climate will allow us to dive deeper into this concept.

What is Chronic Inflammation and How do we Fight it?

Learn more about chronic inflammation and how it connects to skin health and longevity.

Breaking down our UV Clinical Trial

Learn more about our impressive clinical trial that proves Renew + Protect's ability to support skin health after sun exposure.

Real Results with Bend Beauty

Learn more about the Research and Development team behind Bend Beauty products.

My Bend Beauty Review: Laura Richey, Esthetician

One esthetician's review of her Bend Beauty experience.

Fish Collagen: The Answer to Smoother Skin

Learn more about fish (marine) collagen and how it benefits skin health and longevity.
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