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Which Bend Beauty Product is Right for Me?

Curious which Bend Beauty product you should purchase? This is the post for you.

Marine Collagen Elixir for Glowing Skin Recipe by Eat Alive and Thrive

A recipe for a delicious marine collagen-infused elixir for glowing skin.

Are Bend products safe to take during pregnancy and breast feeding?

Curious if Bend Beauty products are safe if you're pregnant or breast feeding? Learn more.

3 Key Benefits of Ingesting Vitamin C for Skin Health

Learn why we included vitamin C in our Marine Collagen + Co-Factors powder.

My Bend Beauty Review: Laura Richey, Esthetician

One esthetician's review of her Bend Beauty experience.

Create a beautiful life, and beautiful skin

Learn more about our Founder + CEO's mission to create a beautiful life.

5 Key Benefits of Ingesting Marine Collagen Powder

5 key reasons to ingest marine collagen powder.

Fish Collagen: The Answer to Smoother Skin

Learn more about fish (marine) collagen and how it benefits skin health and longevity.

Protect Your Skin Against Sun Damage with these Top Nutrients

Learn what nutrients to eat to protect your skin against sun damage.
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