Warmer days are ahead and with that comes a shift in how our skin needs to be treated and cared for. We’ve rounded up some of this summer’s top beauty and skincare trends so that you can look and feel your best this season.

1) Treating Maskne: skincare products and brands will continue to focus on treatments for improving breakouts around the chin and jawline caused by regular mask-wearing. Particularly given the heat and humidity of the summer, it will be even more important to treat this area.

2) Microbiome-friendly skincare: this is a “less is more” skincare approach when it comes to products. The goal is to allow the natural microbiome of the skin to be maintained by using less stripping and exfoliating products on a regular basis. This trend points to the emergence of slow, conscious beauty taking a priority.

3) Waterless Beauty: brands are striving to meet the consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. One way products are meeting this need is by reducing or removing the use of water from their products entirely. Bar, stick, and powder formulas that require no water are on the rise. Not only can these products help the planet but they can also be more highly concentrated and provide increased ingredient stability for products that oxidize or spoil quickly.

4) Bath, Body, and Wellness: the stress of the pandemic has caused a rise in wellness and self-care products. We are seeking out more products that make us feel good: relaxing bath products, luxurious hand lotions, jade rollers, and essential oils. There has been a shift in the beauty industry from products that make us look good to products that also make us feel good.

5) Next-Gen Supplements: brands are embracing the connection between wellness and skincare by making oral supplements an essential part of skincare routines. Products will focus on anti-oxidants and improving skin health and longevity. Stay on-trend by incorporating Bend Beauty products into your supplement and skincare routine.

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