Meet Joy Blenman, one of our Bend Beauty Brand Ambassadors. Joy is a Toronto-based writer who focuses on beauty and self-care. Her blog is called Joyful Beauty, and it’s a space where people can explore beauty tips and celebrate their unique beauty. We chatted with Joy about her experience with Bend Beauty products, and what creating a beautiful life means to her.

How did you find Bend Beauty products, and what has your experience been like since you’ve been on them?

 I first discovered Bend Beauty on Instagram through a friend. I was searching for a collagen supplement at the time, so I was thrilled when I found out Bend Beauty is a Canadian brand. I went to university in Halifax, so I have a huge affinity for Nova Scotian brands. Within a few weeks of starting Bend Beauty, my nails became stronger and longer. I used to get acrylic nails because my nails were brittle and short, but now I get manicures on my real nails — the growth has been phenomenal, and I get compliments on my nails often now. Since trying Bend, my skin texture is smoother overall, and my skin is noticeably brighter. I was using the collagen powder sporadically, but I noticed a big difference once I started taking the supplements and the collagen consistently. I try to mix the collagen in with my smoothies so that taking Bend is an integrated part of my morning routine. 

What does creating a beautiful life mean to you?

Great question! I think a beautiful life means living a life that feels joyful, purposeful, and fruitful. I find beauty when I am outdoors exploring nature, spending time with friends, and practicing self-care. However, the most beautiful moments in life happen when you’re giving love to others. 

As a blogger who focuses on beauty and self-care, you have incredible knowledge about skin health and longevity. What are some of your keys to beautiful skin?

Two things that were a game-changer for my skin were sunscreen and double-cleansing.

Sunscreen: I used to only wear sunscreen on vacation, or when I was spending time outdoors in the sun. I now know how critical it is to wear SPF every day, whether I go outside. My dermatologist told me to start wearing sunscreen indoors because I still get sun exposure through windows. Since I’ve started wearing sunscreen consistently, my scars have faded, and my skin looks smoother.

Double cleansing: I love makeup and probably wear it 3-5 days a week. When I wear makeup, my nighttime skincare routine is slightly more advanced; I use micellar water and a cleansing balm to remove my makeup before I go in and use my regular cleanser. Hence, the double cleanse. Washing my face twice ensures all of the dirt, makeup and SPF gets removed when I wash my face, and this method prevents breakouts. I used only makeup wipes when I was younger, but I no longer use them because they leave way too much makeup behind.