Black Woman with Glowing Skin

We’re so excited to share our first eBook with you, the Ultimate Guide to Skin Health & Longevity. In the coming weeks we will be highlighting information from the book we feel is relevant to our communities who are invested in their skin health. 

First up – let’s make sure we’re on the same page about skin structure and function, since this establishes the connection between your skin health and longevity. 

Your skin is composed of three layers:

The epidermis is the outer barrier layer made up of cells, mostly keratinocytes  

The dermis is the inner layer that provides strength, elasticity, and nutritional support for the epidermis.  

The hypodermis is the lower fatty layer that stores nutrients for energy production and insulates the body from temperature changes and physical trauma. It connects the skin to the muscles and bones below. 

Your skin’s primary function is to create a chemical and physical barrier between you and the outside world.  

So, how can you ensure you’re keeping your skin as healthy as possible? We’ll get into this further in later posts, but for now – ensuring you’re hydrated helps toxin removal, as does sweating. In addition, managing exposure to UV radiation is key – which you can support by taking Renew + Protect daily as it increases skin resistance to UV-induced burning.  

Download the full ebook here.