Meet Lindsay Wolfe. Lindsay is a Medical Aesthetician at White Wave Medical Aesthetics in the Comox Valley, BC. Born and raised on the lovely East Coast, she began her career in aesthetics in 1999. She took a break from the industry after meeting her husband, moving across the country, and starting a family and was thrilled to find her way back into medical aesthetics six years ago. 

We chatted with Lindsay about her wellness routines, favourite Bend Beauty product, and her keys to healthy skin. 

How do you cultivate self-love in your daily routine? 

I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to cultivate self-love, but I love to take time to myself when I can – whether that is going out with friends, having a spa night at home, or riding my bike to work. I try to lead by example for my four children. Me being happy and healthy makes me a better parent. The world can be a harsh and critical place these days and it’s important to make smart choices and to trust yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, allow yourself to make mistakes and take all the opportunities that life presents or create your own. 

What’s your favourite Bend Beauty product and why?  

My favorite Bend Beauty product is definitely Renew + Protect. As an aesthetician, I am always speaking about taking care of your skin topically, and Renew + Protect supports this but from the inside out. I love the fact that it supports so many things from within. As someone with dry skin and loads of sun damage over the years as a child, living in a time where the UV rays are so intense, I am happy that this product can support my skin, and my patients skin effectively from within. This is such an easy product to recommend given the multitude of high-quality ingredients inside one bottle. 

What are your keys to healthy skin? 

There are many keys to healthy skin. First and foremost is sun protection. The application and reapplication of mineral sunscreen must be included in your life no matter your age. It’s one of the big keys to healthy aging too. Using good topical skincare products each and every day to care for your skin is also vital. There isn’t one good product for every skin type, take time to really seek out what it is your skin needs with professionals that can make these recommendations. Look for antioxidants and certain vitamins like vitamin C and A to name a few. Drink more water than you think, exercise, and maintain a healthy diet. Love the skin you’re in! 

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