Nurse Chelsey Smiling

Meet Chelsey Brown, aka Nurse Chelsey. Chelsey is the CEO & Founder of The Cosmetic Clinic in Ottawa, as well as a Cosmetic Specialty Nurse (RN). Chelsey founded The Cosmetic Clinic on the philosophy that natural beauty can be restored and enhanced through medically approved, safe, effective, and modern technologies and techniques. We chatted with Chelsey about how she prioritizes self-love in her daily routines, her favourite Bend product, and her keys to healthy skin.

How do you cultivate self-love in your daily routine?

Self-love for a busy entrepreneur is maintaining balance. Self-love is small acts throughout the day that accumulate to taking care of myself. From adding my GUT GLOW in my morning water to ensuring I leave work on time to bring my son to soccer, these are all wins at the end of the day that make me feel whole, as small as those acts might seem. Self-love has endless definitions but as the CEO of a scaling company, those small wins are my true self-love moments in my routine and they change every day. The idea is to love yourself no matter how much or little you accomplish. Remind yourself at the end of the day about those winning moments and then repeat the next day. 

What is your favourite Bend Beauty product and why?

GUT GLOW is my favourite Bend product (although Renew + Protect is a close second as I am obsessed about the inflammation we cannot see). From my experience in many medical care environments, how your gut works (or does not work) contributes greatly to your quality of life. People plan life events around their gut issues. The mind and the gut “speak” continuously using tiny messages through our endocrine system – when the gut is not happy, neither is the mind. GUT GLOW for the win and the change in my personal gut health!

What are some of your keys to healthy skin?

Healthy skin is another quality of life indicator. Our skin can highly affect the way we feel about ourselves. The best way to serve the largest organ of your body is to care for it from “the inside out, and the outside in!” Bend helps you achieve healthy skin from the inside out and the topicals and environmental factors we are exposed to affect the skin from the outside. Consistency with skin health is very important as our skin is constantly renewing and any building blocks it requires to be the best it can be are required continuously. I also believe the best skin comes from a myriad of treatments. Skin treatments like laser therapies, peels, and medical facials combined with Bend supplements and medical grade skincare is the winning routine for the best skin of your life. 

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