Renew + Protect: the product that started it all. The foundation for any great skincare routine starts with this hero product. A solution for redness/roughness, dryness/dehydration, and skin elasticity/firmness, Renew + Protect can benefit anyone. We want to ensure you know just what you’re getting with Renew + Protect so read on to better understand why we chose our six active ingredients and how they work synergistically to unlock your skin’s potential.

Omega-3: EPA + DHA

Efficacy, quality, and sustainability are central to the ingredients we choose for our products. At the core of Renew + Protect is our fish oil: the source of omega-3. We acknowledge that natural resources are precious and must be handled in a sustainable manner to ensure their longevity. This is why we carefully selected the fish oil used in our Renew + Protect from suppliers who source from responsibly, and sustainably, managed fisheries.

The fish oil used in Renew + Protect is sourced from regulated, wild-caught, fisheries where equipment, practices and procedures are in place to protect fish stocks, ensuring biodiversity and sustainability. The majority of the fish are sourced from Peru, one of the purest marine environments which is tightly regulated. The starting material – fish – are caught for fishmeal or edible (food) purposes. Therefore, the oil is a by-product, repurposing what otherwise could be considered a waste-stream. The fish species used in Renew + Protect, sardines, mackerel, anchovies and/or herring, are not considered endangered or threatened.

Renew + Protect contains a high ratio of EPA to DHA which is of particular benefit to skin health. Both of these ingredients significantly contribute to inflammation regulation within the skin which supports our claim for reduced roughness/redness. These ingredients have also been shown to reduce UV-induced skin sensitivity. 


GLA, or gamma linoleic acid, is an omega-6 derived from the borage plant. Borage oil is a powerful skin health ingredient that supports skin barrier properties and is very effective (along with EPA) in treating skin inflammation. GLA must be obtained from the diet as the body does not naturally produce this nutrient. In the diet omega-6 is often overconsumed, however, when it is balanced with omega-3 it becomes very therapeutic for the skin and essential for reducing inflammation. GLA improves cellular membrane function by keeping hydration and lipids in the skin and protecting external irritants from penetrating the skin. When the skin experiences reduced barrier function this leads to dry, itchy, and/or sensitive skin.

Vitamin D

Renew + Protect contains vitamin D derived from lanolin (sheep’s wool). This is the same form of vitamin D as produced naturally when the skin interacts with sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for overall health including bone health. In many northern climates we experience vitamin D deficiency due to working indoors, reduced exposure to sun, and increased sunscreen usage to protect from burning and more serious UV-related damage. 

Carotenoids: Zeaxanthin & Lutein

Zeaxanthin (derived from paprika) and lutein (derived from marigold) are powerful skin antioxidants that also work alongside EPA to protect against UV related skin damage and aging. These antioxidants are also known as carotenoids and are not naturally produced by the body so must be obtained through the diet. Carotenoids play a major role in eye health. They are deposited directly in the retina (the only two carotenoids that do this) and serve as antioxidants as well as helping to filter blue light emitted from our devices. Zeaxanthin and lutein work to neutralize free radical damage within the skin thus protecting from skin damage.  

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