We are bending beauty with the intent to redefine what it is to live and feel beautiful.

“Brands are democratizing beauty, one word at a time.” According to Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, a New York-based think tank and innovation unit at Wunderman Thompson. Part agency, part consultancy and part technology company, Wunderman Thompson are leaders in unearthing the latest trends in various industries.

Bend Beauty was featured in Wunderman Thompson’s latest post about redefining the language of beauty, along with Unilever and Bread, a Australian haircare brand. We are proud to be in such company.

In October 2020, we made the decision as a brand to change the name of Anti-Aging Formula to Renew + Protect. We renamed the product to more accurately reflect the efficacy of our products, and the positive effect they have on skin health and longevity. Whether you’re 19 or 70, Renew + Protect has what your skin needs every step of the way, and instead of focusing on youthful skin, we’re going to focus on healthy skin.

Wunderman Thompson says “The nuanced choice in language is an important shift towards a new representation of beauty products.” We couldn’t agree more.

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