At Bend Beauty, we’re proud of the science behind our products. Our Research and Development team works diligently behind the scenes, creating products that are designed to build beautiful skin from the inside out, head to toe. 

Because our products are ingestible, they do not provide instant gratification – it takes time to see how they improve your skin. While some people notice results in as little as two weeks, it takes three months for full cell saturation. This means that taking before and after images are one of the best ways to see your results. We regularly invest in real people with real skin conditions and document their path in a series of Before & Afters. Typically, featuring a group of people in different age demographics with an array of skin conditions. 

One of our company values is “Genuine” and we would never share anything that wasn’t 100% real with our followers. We stand by the quality and efficacy of our products and guarantee that these photos have not been retouched or altered in any way. 

Our most recent participants had never taken Bend products before, and were photographed by Russell Baer in Los Angeles. They were given a three month supply of both Renew + Protect and Marine Collagen + Co-Factors, and were photographed again after three months. The results are incredible!

Deanna is 48 and her main skin concerns prior to starting the trial were fine lines, skin texture, redness and hydration. After the trial, she said “Within 45 days of using Bend along with my normal skincare routine, not only did I see an incredible difference in my skin but also my hair grew fast and my nails have never been stronger.”

Val is 38 and her main concerns prior to starting the trial were dryness, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. After the trial, she said “I saw a huge difference in my skin. It seemed to retain moisture better, my hyperpigmentation evened out and my skin was radiant. Even my friends noticed! I would highly recommend Bend to anyone looking for improved skin quality. It really works!”

Curious about the other real results people experienced after taking Bend Beauty? Click here. You can shop both Renew + Protect and Marine Collagen + Co-Factors on our website here.