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Our Founder

To create a beautiful life, the most important thing is keeping it simple. Spending a lot of time in nature helps me keep my life simple and in perspective.

Create a Beautiful Life

For me, keeping things simple is the most important aspect of creating a beautiful life. Meditation and spending time in nature are how I make that happen. These practices help me live authentically and remain clear about what I want to create in the world.

I feel strongly that people and the planet are important to business. Traditional business practices have created a lot of problems in our world, for people and for the environment. So I’ve created a business that, instead, embodies new ideas, perspectives, and practices from which we can build a greater sense of prosperity. Following this path has been challenging, but also extremely fulfilling. Along the way I’ve met a lot of inspiring people and like-minded companies who are using business as a force for good.

Having faced chronic health challenges early in life, I began a search for a deeper knowledge of creating and sustaining health. It led me to a place where natural health products, traditional wisdom, and leading-edge science intersect. As an entrepreneur with a track record for bringing research-based innovations to the health food market, I came to focus on skincare and healthy aging. More than ten years ago it was clear to me that we’d see a convergence of the healthcare and skincare industries. The skin being the body’s largest organ, I set out to add a new approach: skincare from the inside out.

Today we work with leading skincare and healthcare professionals around the world, and with them we’re experiencing, firsthand, the synergistic benefits of Bend Beauty products alongside the best in topicals and procedures. I see this trend as a shift from skincare to “bestcare.” The result is beauty you can see, and feel.

My mission, put simply: Create a beautiful life.

Marc St-Onge
Founder & CEO

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