I’m Amanda H., a Master Stylist at Spirit Spa in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have been a hair stylist for over 20 years. In my experience, many of my clients have issues with their hair thinning, becoming brittle, and losing its luster. This can be very traumatic, especially when it’s because of a stressful situation that is happening in their lives. I too have experienced my hair thinning and the stress of seeing your hair falling out can have a worsening effect on the issue. Hair is often a huge part of your identity – some would say it’s your best accessory, so if it starts falling out, it can be hard on a person physically and mentally. 

It was a client that recommended Bend Beauty to me almost 5 years ago. We were both experiencing hair thinning for a couple of years and tried many different options without success. Then, at one of her appointments I noticed I had to mix extra colour as her hair had grown thicker. I was so surprised because I had been doing her hair for years and had never had to mix more product! Even when I was shampooing, there was much less hair falling out in the sink.! She explained to me that she had started taking Bend Beauty Marine Collagen + Co-Factors a few months prior and that was the only thing she had changed. I was so impressed with the results that I had to try it myself – and I will never go back.  

Not only did Marine Collagen + Co-Factors make my hair look amazing, but my skin also looks better, and my nails finally grew – which is impressive when you think about how much they are in water, shampooing clients.  

So many of my clients are now loyal Bend users and we rave about our hair when we see each other. It’s incredible how one product can make such a big difference not only to your hair and skin, but also on your confidence.  

At Spirit Spa’s Hair Studio, we recommend Marine Collagen + Co-Factors to anyone who wants beautiful, shiny hair. It’s not only for people who are experiencing hair thinning, it helps support healthy skin and nails as well. It’s the perfect foundation for your daily beauty and wellness regime. 

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