Telomeres – if you’re unfamiliar, stop now and check out our blog post on Telomeres and Aging that explains the concept. 

It’s important to understand the function of telomeres and the enzyme telomerase, and how they relate to aging to understand the impact of our latest research we’re proud to share with you. 

We recently completed a study to understand the effect of our foundational product, Renew + Protect’s effect on telomere shortening and telomerase activity in human dermal fibroblast cells under normal and oxidative stress conditions. Oxidative stress, one of the most important causes of telomere shortening and a key contributor to aging, occurs when free radicals and antioxidants are imbalanced in the body. 

The conclusions of the study were twofold: firstly, Renew + Protect significantly slowed the rate of telomere shortening under oxidative stress conditions after 8 weeks of treatment compared to untreated cells. Secondly, Renew + Protect temporarily increased telomerase activity under normal conditions. This means our product may help slow the rate of telomere shortening when they need it most (while cells are experiencing oxidative stress) and help cells maintain telomere length over-time by temporarily increasing telomerase activity. 

What does this mean for you? Because the rate of telomere shortening is thought to be associated with longevity, and shorter telomeres are linked to increased signs of aging, this promising, preclinical research, has us excited to see Renew + Protect’s impact on teleomeres in a clinical study. It certainly adds to our growing body of evidence that indicates taking  Renew + Protect daily is a wonderful way to maintain skin health. 

Check out the full study here.