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Meet Gretchen Martin. Gretchen hosts The Goodness Podcast about all things health and wellness – and recently joined the Bend Beauty Brand Ambassador Team. Read on to learn why Gretchen loves Bend Beauty, what creating a beautiful life means to her and her keys to healthy skin.

How did you find Bend Beauty products, and what has your experience been like since you’ve been on them?

I first encountered Bend Beauty while visiting my favourite local med-spa 2 years ago. I was offered the most delicious strawberry collagen water I had ever tasted, but it was really the Renew + Protect Mint softgels that made me a forever fan of the brand. I have always been a big cheerleader for EPA & DHA supplementation, but I especially love the synergistic effect of the six active ingredients in that product and what they do to support beauty from the inside out. They are just so easy (and actually enjoyable) to swallow with that tiny little hint of mint flavour. I love them!  After incorporating all of the Bend Beauty products into my daily care ritual, I don’t know how I could ever go back. I know the science and I know I am loving my skin each time I open one of the products which feels so good!

What does creating a beautiful life mean to you?

To me, creating a beautiful life means polishing the lens with which I see the world every day. It means being in a place to receive the abundance of beauty I am surrounded by. Self-care is a top priority so I can show up feeling my best and be able to see the beauty in myself, my surroundings, and perhaps most importantly to me right now, I can set the tone for how my three young boys see themselves and their world. 

As one of Bend Beauty’s Brand Ambassadors, what are some of your keys to healthy skin?

Skin has to be hydrated. It sounds simple and we all know this, and yet we still dehydrate ourselves by missing adequate water intake, over caffeinating (which further dehydrates). I love Marine Collagen + Co-Factors because it makes staying hydrated such a treat. Once you’re properly hydrated, then you can move on to the more sophisticated ways of loving your skin by supporting the building blocks such as your collagen, elastin and skin barrier, all of which the Bend Beauty products do so beautifully!

Shop Bend Beauty – and stay tuned to check out our Founder + CEO on Gretchen’s podcast!