Bend Beauty and the Beyond Beauty Project are committed to helping improve our self-esteem and confidence around body image and mental health. One aspect of this growing movement involves removing the word “anti-aging” from our vocabularies, which we discussed in a previous blog post – “Healthy Aging vs Anti-Aging“.  

Language like “anti-aging” and “youthful glow” perpetuates the negative perception that the older we get, the more unattractive we become. While it’s true that collagen production declines as we age, getting older is a privilege and shouldn’t discourage us from feeling inspired to find new and improved ways to feel better, take better care of ourselves – which as a bonus, will be reflected in our appearances.  

Take Joey, for example. As a 75-year-old licensed esthetician, Joey felt her skin was becoming increasingly dehydrated and that the texture could be improved. After 90 days of taking Bend Beauty Renew + Protect and Marine Collagen + Co-Factors daily, her results speak for themselves:  

While Joey’s skin improved after her experience with Bend Beauty products, the most noticeable thing about the “After” image is how much happier she looks. Whether you’re 19 or 75, finding intentional ways to take better care of ourselves that are focused on our internal health not only makes us feel better, but often incidentally, these changes are reflected on our outsides.  

In the spirit of the new year, where we face tons of messages in the media around resolutions to change the way we look – what if we focused on resolutions that change the way we feel? Whether it’s incorporating a new supplement regime, meditation and mindfulness or more movement and stretching into our daily routines – let’s focus on what’s going on inside of us. What happens on the outside is just an additional benefit, and it doesn’t matter how old we are. Feeling better is always a great goal ?  

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