At Bend Beauty, our brand mission is to create a beautiful life and we believe that aging is a magical part of this process. We are passionate about beauty and wellness at any and every age, and we want our product line to reflect this sentiment.

That’s why we’ve made the decision to rename our foundational Anti-Aging Formula to Renew + Protect. It’s the same great product (and same formulation) you’ve always loved, re-named to more accurately reflect the efficacy of our products and the positive effects they have on skin health and longevity.

Skin health and longevity. Let’s talk more about that. What if we all changed the way we talk about “anti-aging” and focus more on these concepts instead? How does that shift how you think about your appearance, and what you want out of your skincare routine?

The definition of longevity is about the length of life, or a long existence. In the context of skincare, let’s think of it as giving your skin what it needs to be healthy for the duration of your long, healthy, life.

Whether you’re 19 or 70, Renew + Protect has what your skin needs every step of the way, and instead of focusing on youthful skin, we’re going to focus on healthy skin.

Renew + Protect provides the foundation of an optimal skincare routine at every age. Let’s love, care for and celebrate the skin we’re in.

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