Meet Sonia Mangat. Sonia is an entertainment reporter for CTV eTalk, and a freelance journalist. We caught up with Sonia to chat about her experience with Bend Beauty, her keys to healthy skin, and what creating a beautiful life means to her.

How did you discover Bend Beauty products, and what has your experience been like since you’ve been on them?

I first discovered Bend Beauty products when speaking to Joy from Touch of Joy spa in Vancouver almost 4 years ago. The first thing I noticed about her was her dewy skin and she told me she didn’t wear any makeup, my jaw dropped. She went on to talk about Renew and Protect  and I remember getting it that day and starting my journey. 

What does creating a beautiful life mean to you?

I believe people make our lives beautiful so to me it’s really important to have humans who reflect pure joy, peace, and humility. We are who we surround ourselves with and I desire to be a kind and loving person so I always focus on surrounding myself with those people.

What are some of your keys to healthy skin, besides Bend?

Water, sleep, and a good mask. Water is key to healthy skin, but sleep really plays an important role as well. Days when I don’t get enough sleep, it doesn’t matter how much collagen I take or topical creams I put on, you can see it. When these two things are a priority then you can really see the effects of Bend Beauty products on my skin. I call it the JLO glow! The mask just adds a little extra hydration!

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