Meet Sarah Mitchell, a Makeup Artist, Brow Expert and Bend Beauty Brand Ambassador. We chatted with Sarah to learn more why she loves Bend, her keys to healthy skin and what creating a beautiful life means to her. 

How did you find Bend Beauty products, and what has your experience been like since you’ve been on them? 

I first discovered Bend Beauty locally, through a few skincare specialists. I was most intrigued by the omega3’s in the Renew + Protect, as I needed to introduce these supplements into my life due to being diagnosed with severely dry eyes, not to mention living in the driest city in North America – Calgary. I began taking them in the fall of 2018, and have taken them along with the Marine Collagen + Co-Factors ever since. The most notable change is to my skin, not just on my face but my whole body, is more even in tone. Also, the redness on my cheeks has significantly lessened, I don’t get as many dry patches, and while it isn’t by any means a replacement for SPF, my skin is significantly stronger against the sun. My brows are fuller, my nails are stronger, my hair on my head is fuller. It simply feels great.  

What does creating a beautiful life mean to you? 

I think you have to look at your life and time as a big circle, verses being linear. How I see it is everything affects everything else. How I think this is relevant to Bend is that while yes, I’ve seen incredible improvements to my skin, hair, nails, but if I wasn’t living beautifully, simply using Bend wouldn’t be enough. Living beautifully means taking care of you to then take care of those around you. While I tend to avoid putting anything in my body that strips it (alcohol, fried foods, refined sugars), I also enjoy french fries and a gin + tonic from time to time, I crave movement every day in some form. I try to focus on the present. I enjoy my own company and I enjoy taking care of my body and practicing gratitude for what it does for me.  

As a brow and makeup artist, what are some of your keys to healthy skin? 

I deeply feel that many women I’ve spoken to lately have over-complicated their skincare routines and are using too many products, and over-exfoliating. When I stopped exfoliating my skin, the barrier repaired itself, and now it’s functioning healthier as an organ, because healthy skin exfoliates itself. Occasionally (ie, once every week or maybe two weeks), I’ll use an acid exfoliating toner at night, if I have a hormonal breakout. A simple topical routine of toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen is all anyone needs. Additionally, for healthy skin, in no particular order because it’s all important: Sleep. Develop a healthy relationship with your body and how it handles and works through stress/stress management. Eat colorfully. Wear SPF + reapply when required. Develop a thorough cleansing routine for nighttime removal of makeup + SPF. Try facial massage. Weekly mask routines (I like them on a Sunday). Get outside and be in nature. Exercise. 

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