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Prebiotics vs Probiotics

Prebiotics are like healthy good for your gut bacteria

Celebrating International Women’s Day with our Team

Prebiotics vs Probiotics

Prebiotics are like healthy good for your gut bacteria

The Gut-Skin Axis and the Human Microbiome

Learn more the connection between your gut microbiome and skin health, and prebiotics

The Truth About Supplements: What You Need to Know

Be Kind to Yourself: Beauty is a State of Mind

We promise this is just as important as any product or treatment you have in your beauty arsenal.

Creating a Beautiful Life with Liz Shaw

We are so proud of our team of Brand Ambassadors, and today we want to introduce you to Liz Shaw - Liz has her own wellness blog and is an advocate for gut health with a wealth of knowledge to pass along to you.

Marine Collagen Reviews

If you’re curious about collagen, you’ve come to the right place. We've gathered up some marine collagen reviews from our customers so you can learn more about why it’s become a beauty must-have.

Introducing Our Latest Research on Renew + Protect’s Impact on Telomeres

We recently completed a study to understand the effect of our foundational product, Renew + Protect’s effect on telomere shortening and telomerase activity in human dermal fibroblast cells under normal and oxidative stress conditions.

Why Skin Health Supplements?

While topical products are part of your skin health routine, it’s just as important to consider how you are nourishing your skin from within. At Bend, we believe you must nourish the connections inside your body, to affect noticeable change on the outside.

Redefining the Language of Beauty: Wunderman Thompson features Bend Beauty

Bend Beauty was featured in Wunderman Thompson’s latest post about redefining the language of beauty.

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