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Anti-Aging Formula Ingredients Guide 3
Category: Anti-Aging, Inflammation, Ingestible Beauty, Skin Climate, Skin Health, Skin Protection

Anti-Aging Formula Ingredients Guide

Anti-Aging Formula: the product that started it all. The foundation for any great skincare routine starts with this hero product. A solution for redness/roughness, dryness/dehydration, and fine lines and wrinkles, Anti-Aging Formula can benefit anyone….

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Beauty Supplements Bend Beauty
Category: Anti-Aging, Ingestible Beauty, Skin Health

Why Beauty Supplements?

When we nourish all the connections, something beautiful happens.  A central component of the Bend Beauty brand is the concept of beauty from within. We are bending and shifting the ways in which we traditionally…

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Silicon for Stronger Skin, Hair and Nails 9
Category: Anti-Aging, Collagen, Fish Collagen, Ingestible Beauty, Skin Climate, Skin Health

Silicon for Stronger Skin, Hair and Nails

We feel at our best when our skin, hair, and nails are healthy and radiant. Our Marine Collagen + Co-Factors supports the health of skin, hair, and nails – and a key ingredient in the…

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Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen 101 1
Category: Collagen, Fish Collagen, Ingestible Beauty, Skin Health

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen 101

We often get questions about the hydrolyzed fish collagen in our products, and what makes it superior.  But first, what is hydrolyzed collagen? Hydrolyzed simply means the collagen has been broken down into smaller particles…

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