Meet Bridgett Burrick Brown. Bridgett is the founder of Beyond Beauty Project, a movement and multimedia platform that focuses on inspiring confidence and acceptance surrounding beauty, body image, and mental health. Using her two decades of experience in the modeling industry, Brown strives to change the narrative of beauty by redefining its meaning from the inside out, providing education and awareness around feeling our best mentally, physically, and spiritually. We chatted with Bridgett about how she discovered Bend Beauty, what creating a beautiful life means to her and her keys to healthy skin.

How did you discover Bend Beauty?

I was introduced to Bend Beauty by someone who knew I would not only love the incredible quality of their products but also their messaging. I am very passionate about inspiring confidence and acceptance around beauty, body image, and mental health, so I am always seeking out beauty brands that are saying no to fear-based advertising and yes to empowering us to live authentically. One of our missions at the Beyond Beauty Project is to break down the barriers to self-love by challenging all objectifying messages and stereotypes that break down our confidence and self-worth. We should all be able to live a life trying to feel our best without the constant messaging telling us that we are not enough. Bend is helping us shift this narrative by saying you can create a beautiful life without this fear, inspiring us to look at ourselves as a whole – body, mind, and spirit, and providing us with beautiful products that help us feel our best from the inside. Since taking their products, I have seen remarkable changes in my skin. As I have gotten older, I have struggled with some eczema, and Renew + Protect and GUT GLOW have been staples in helping with this! 

What does creating a beautiful life mean to you?

Creating a beautiful life means being true to myself and living authentically. It’s about embracing love, trust, and curiosity. I want to make sure I always feel fully alive by living a life I chose and created, and that I can cherish the precious moments in life. To do this, I need to be mindful of tuning out distractions by becoming in tune with myself and my intuition. Beauty is how we feel, so taking deep care of my physical, emotional, and mental well-being is essential to feel in harmony with myself and the world around me. Creating a beautiful life is also about cultivating a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection in my relationships and the work I do in the world. 

What are some of your keys to healthy skin?

Achieving healthy skin is something that I’ve struggled with in the past, having debilitating cystic acne throughout my twenties. I tried every cream and skincare line on the planet and saw all the best facialists and dermatologists with little success. But when I started taking better care of my overall health, I realized that good skin health goes beyond what we put on our skin topically. I was almost my own case study seeing right before my eyes how what I put in my body and how I treated my body showed up on my skin. I discovered that our skin’s health starts from within and that true beauty is more than just skin deep. I also began to understand that my confidence and spirit shine through my skin when I feel my best physically, mentally, and spiritually. My consistent go-to’s for maintaining healthy skin involves staying hydrated from the inside out, eating nourishing foods that work well for my body and support my gut health, tending to my mental and spiritual health, and getting plenty of restful sleep. So, while external factors are also essential (and fun!), true skin health starts with caring for ourselves from the inside out. 

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