We are excited to present The Education Collection – a collaboration between Bend Beauty and The Beyond Beauty Project. The Beyond Beauty Project is a movement to help improve our self esteem and confidence around body image and mental health. Our brands are incredibly aligned, and we are thrilled to share this partnership with you.

When we nourish all the connections within us, something beautiful happens.  

Your skin performs many functions that are important to your overall health. It provides a protective chemical and physical barrier between you and the outside world, helps you interact with your environment, makes vitamin D and is part of your body’s total antioxidant defense and detoxifying systems. Many factors impact how well your skin can do its job including: 

  • Your unique genetic make-up 
  •  Environmental factors including your diet and lifestyle 
  • Your level of exposure to:  
  • Pollution/environmental toxins 
  • UV radiation from sunlight 

Most of the factors that negatively impact your skin’s function either contribute to the amount of toxins within your body or prevent you from eliminating them through your internal detoxifying systems. These factors not only contribute to signs of skin aging including thinning, discoloration, wrinkles, and dryness; they also adversely impact how the rest of your body functions. Over time, they either contribute to the start or to continued progression of metabolic syndrome, and age-related diseases including CVD, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, AD, and cancer. All these conditions decrease your longevity. 

Maintaining healthy skin and longevity is a lot about maintaining proper balance, including what nutrients you’re including in your diet daily.  

What are Beauty Supplements & How Do They Work 

While some of us can get what is recommended by eating healthily, it’s hard to maintain 100% of the time – and it can be challenging to get enough variety in our diets to include all the nutrients our bodies need. In addition, some individuals may have special needs, such as the elderly, those on certain medications, or those on restrictive diets due to personal choice (e.g., vegan or vegetarian diets), metabolic disorders (e.g., diabetes), or allergies (e.g., those that must avoid specific foods), or people with certain genetic or health conditions (e.g., inflammatory bowel disease). Other factors that may influence supplement use include excessive reliance on processed or junk food, and concerns about altered food nutrient profiles attributed to genetic hybrids within our food chain, mineral depletion from our waters, and rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that profoundly impact plant and animal composition. This is where supplementation can really take your wellness routine to the next level and ensure you’re feeding your body what it needs to be its best.  

In recent years, beauty supplements have gained popularity. Beauty supplements, or nutraceuticals, are taken orally with the purpose of impacting the overall health of the skin.  

While topical products play a role in skin health, the stratum corneum is specifically designed to prevent passage of many substances from the body’s exterior to the inside. Therefore, most topically applied nutrients cannot easily penetrate it to reach: 

  • The basement membrane where newly developing keratinocytes are growing to form the epidermis 
  • The dermis which contains the blood vessels needed to circulate nutrients and to remove waste products 

Therefore, both skin layers are best supported by delivering nutrients to the dermis through the bloodstream.   

Additional Wellness Benefits 

Taking beauty supplements not only allows your skin to appear radiant and glowing but may also have additional benefits for overall health and wellness. In comparison to topical products, ingestible products are delivered systematically throughout the body – no fear of missing a spot! Systematic delivery allows products to enter the body and become incorporated into the forming structure, ensuring your whole body and skin organ, head-to-toe, is receiving the benefits of the ingredients. For example, EPA & DHA are beneficial for reducing inflammatory responses throughout all areas of the body, not just the skin. In fact, benefits of omega-3 oils have been widely documented as an important supplement for a variety of health concerns and conditions.  

Increasing EPA intake and ultimately EPA blood levels may also enhance mood. Evidence is so compelling that the 2019 International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research Practice Guidelines for Omega-3s in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder, recommends specific doses for certain individuals. Improving mood could benefit both skin and longevity through the Brain-Skin Axis. 

When designing an optimal skincare routine, it’s important to consider that what happens on the inside is just as important as what we see on the outside.  

Bend Beauty products are Beyond Beauty Project approved and contain many powerful active ingredients to unlock your skin’s potential, and optimize your wellness routine.  

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