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Blog / Behind the Bend Team: Meet Dr. Steve Hall

Behind the Bend Team: Meet Dr. Steve Hall

April 9, 2019    |   Brooke Stephen    |    Anti-Aging, Ingestible Beauty, Skin Health, Skin Protection

Dr. Steve Hall, a postdoctoral researcher in pharmacology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, is part of the Bend Beauty team, helping us understand the science behind what makes amazing products. This week, Dr. Hall took a few minutes away from the lab to answer some questions for Brooke Stephen, our Marketing Coordinator, about his research and some of the insights he’s uncovered in his time with Bend.

What are some of the most impressive insights you’ve uncovered while researching Bend Beauty products?

Simply confirming the ability of Anti-Aging Formula to protect cells from UVA and UVB light was quite exciting. The first time I was able to get good quality photos of the cells dyed green and red to visually show how Anti-Aging Formula-treated cells were better able to survive UV exposure was amazing. I remember the day┬ábecause I immediately took a photo of my results and sent them to Anna Jean (our Product Development Manager) to show how well it worked. UV light can be very dangerous, especially for those with fair skin. I get so excited whenever I see just how much Anti-Aging Formula is able to increase the skin cells’ resistance to UV light.

Behind the Bend Beauty Team: Meet Dr. Steve Hall 1

What’s your favourite part of your job, and what made you decide to take on the role with Bend?

I get to do science every day on a project and product I believe in. I’ve seen with my own eyes (and through a microscope) the photoprotective (the ability to protect cells from the damaging effects of UV light) effects of Anti-Aging Formula. The fact that ingesting certain natural products like Anti-Aging Formula helps reduce skin sensitivity to UV-induced sunburn is a relatively recent discovery, and therefore a lot of the science is still in its infancy. By being a part of this project, I am able to help create the science necessary to propel this field forward, which is certainly powerful for Bend Beauty and our customers, but also for the broader global scientific community.

What’s your favourite Bend product and why?

Hands down, Anti-Aging Formula. My project is focused on this product, and my experiences convinced me of the powerful and beneficial effects of Anti-Aging Formula supplementation. I have been taking the soft-gels ever since my first experiments confirmed its photoprotective abilities about a year ago.

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Tell us about a project you’re currently working on in your research with Bend Beauty.

I’m currently working on determining the ability of Anti-Aging Formula to prevent cellular DNA damage caused by UV light. One of the ways UV light damages our skin is by causing DNA damage and DNA breaks in our skin cells. This can cause the skin cells to mutate and if the damage is severe enough, die. Over time, these mutations can build up and result in premature skin aging. Then, what I want to determine is whether Anti-Aging Formula helps to reduce the amount of DNA damage caused by UV light, which could have exciting implications for helping to slow the development of rapid aging. I’m still in the early stages of this project and don’t have results to share yet, so stay tuned!