At Bend Beauty, our purpose is to Create a Beautiful Life. Of course, this means something different to everyone. But at a core level, we believe its about nourishing all the connections in and around us.

So we embarked on a campaign to showcase beauty from within, in collaboration with world renowned photographer Justin Wu. But with a twist.

The result: A first of its kind Canadian virtual photo shoot, shot safely from the comfort of participant’s homes, directed virtually by Justin. The purpose was to promote natural beauty from within. In addition, we asked participants to share what a beautiful life means to them. And the results were magical. And we don’t mean just the photos.

How each participant described their version of a beautiful life is exactly the shift in script we want to see in the world.

We are so excited to share the results with our community. In the coming weeks you will see the #BendBeautyFromWithin campaign shared across our social channels, and today we’re giving you a sneak preview.

Meet Narley.

Bend Beauty asked me to reflect on what a beautiful life means: 

To me, a beautiful life begins with creating a beautiful mind. 

When you agree to be happy moment to moment, rather than milestone to milestone, then you’re on your way to true beauty.

The first step is deciding if what you want wants you back, and to feel certain that your happily ever after is a done deal, no matter what storms come your way.

A beautiful life is in the meaningful connections that touch your soul and leave you lighter. It starts with loving who and what you are, allowing it to be enough. Beauty is more than skin deep. A beautiful life is a way of thinking. 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.