“I trust Bend Beauty Renew + Protect and Marine Collagen as the foundation of a healthy skincare routine.”

My name is Tricia Dauphinee-Bishop. As a Clinical Skincare Therapist, I am committed to helping our patients at The Landings Surgical Center create and maintain optimal health in the skin – our body’s largest organ.

We offer several procedures at The Landings, from Botox to mole removal and scar revision. These procedures often involve periods of wound healing and recovery. Wound healing involves several biological processes in the skin and requires nutrients for proliferation and maintenance. In fact, it can be beneficial to take higher than essential levels of certain nutrients. Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids like those found in Renew + Protect have a profound effect on wound healing. Fats provide energy for skin cell proliferation, which is important as they are the building blocks for epidermal and dermal tissue. These fats protect our cell membrane and prevent inflammatory reactions in the skin. When taken in conjunction with Marine Collagen + Co-Factors, which is authorized to help in wound healing, you are well on your way to an excellent post-procedure care regime.

Excellent post­-procedure care is necessary to get the results we set out to achieve. Over time, a good clinical skincare regime can train the skin to function differently. Long term treatment can address what were previously chronic problems, keeping the skin healthier with more uniform pigmentation, healthy natural oil production, fewer dead skin cells, and new production of collagen fibers to smooth away wrinkles. New sun damage fades results from clinical treatments. Sunscreen is crucial in preventing UV radiation but even with liberal use of sunscreen, some damaging UV radiation can penetrate your skin. That’s why I recommend taking Renew + Protect every day, so your cells are better able to withstand the effects of the sun. As a Clinical Skincare Therapist, I take Renew + Protect and Marine Collagen + Co-Factors daily because protection today helps me maintain beautiful skin tomorrow.

We are so fortunate today to be able to take advantage of the latest medical procedures which are proven to correct many skincare issues. Regardless of what these issues are, one thing that always holds true is that the skin reflects what is going on inside your body – therefore, the best approach to maintaining healthy skin starts from the inside out.  I trust Bend Beauty Renew + Protect and Marine Collagen powder as the foundation of a healthy skincare routine.

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