Are you a distributor of premium skincare products in Canada or the US? Skin supplements – also known as ingestible skincare – are on the rise and demand is growing. Representing Bend Beauty products allows you to be a leader in the skincare industry; growing this category and educating your clients on not just skincare but skin health & longevity.

Bend Beauty is seeking distribution partners who share our vision of healthy, beautiful skin from the inside out. If this is you, complete the form at the bottom of the page.

RETAIL PARTNERS (Spas, MedSpas, Wellness & Natural Health Practitioners, Beauty Retail, Premium Salons, Dermatology Clinics)

We value our partners’ professional experience and knowledge of skin health which is why we want you to represent our brand.

Bend Beauty’s products complement, not replace, the existing treatments and products you are currently offering to your clients. We would love to share more about this synergistic relationship with you to help you enhance your clients’ skincare results and achieve desired outcomes.

I work with clients pre- and post- procedures to build healthy, glowing skin and ensure healthy healing. Healing begins from the inside, and there is no simpler way to promote this than by taking Renew + Protect daily. Remarkable results equal happy clients. I highly recommend adding clinically-proven Bend Beauty products to your retail offerings – a great compliment to both procedures and topicals.

Tricia Dauphinee-Bishop,
Clinical Skin Care Therapist, The Landings Surgical Centre