At Bend Beauty, we’re on a mission to redefine how we talk about beauty. For so long, so much of the beauty industry has been focused on turning back the clock to achieve “youthful” skin and changing aspects of our appearances to fit unrealistic standards perpetuated by Photoshop and Instagram filters.  This needs to stop. 

Recently, we felt inspired by something Tan France said on the latest season of Queer Eye. While helping one of their heroes and noticing how critical they were of themselves, he said  

“I would like you to be kinder to yourself when looking in the mirror.” 

While it may sound simple, we challenge our communities to focus on building themselves up instead of picking themselves apart when you look in the mirror. A simple filter through which to observe how you’re talking to yourself – would you talk to your best friend like that?  

Much like our philosophy on skin health, we believe beauty starts within. So, like Tan suggests – next time you look in the mirror, be kind. When you notice yourself spiraling into negativity and picking yourself apart, gently bring your thoughts back to a place of positivity and love.  

We promise this is just as important as any product or treatment you have in your beauty arsenal.