Have you heard of milk thistle, or the ingredient it includes, silymarin? We want to tell you all about this powerful active ingredient, and why we included it in our new product, RESET.  

What is Silymarin? 

Silymarin is a mixture of a large class of plant pigments called flavonoids that are found in milk thistle seeds. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) (1) is the most well-researched flowering medicinal plant for treatment of liver disease (1, 2). Silymarin has a defined mechanism of action for oral treatment of toxic liver damage and has been used as a protective therapy in acute and chronic liver disease (1). 

What does Silymarin do? 

In essence, silymarin helps to protect the liver and support its function so that it can effectively fulfill its role in the detoxification process and overall body health. The silymarin in RESET is sourced via organic milk thistle, with a daily dose providing 200mg of silymarin.  

Pre-clinical studies have also shown that silymarin has anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory effects that specifically support liver structure and function (4).  

Why Try RESET? 

The liver and skin are the body’s main detoxification organs and both play a role in managing our exposure to daily stressors. However, with the increased toxic exposure we face in today’s world, our body’s natural detoxification pathways can become overburdened. Adding RESET to your daily routine helps support your liver’s function, the body’s main detoxification organ, while also providing antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, thereby reducing oxidative damage. It can be added to support a detoxification regime or taken alone. Showing your liver some love can pay off in your overall health!  

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