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Affiliate Program

Earn extra income for being our biggest fan!

About the Bend Beauty Affiliate Program

Bend Beauty is proud to offer our friends and fans the ability to earn commission by promoting our suite of innovative skincare products.

As an Affiliate, you will receive a unique URL to use online to promote Bend products. Anytime someone purchases products via your unique affiliate link, you receive a commission on the full sale – it’s as simple as that!  

In addition, we provide you with a variety of beautiful visuals you can use to promote our brand and products on your social channel, website or blog.


  • 15% commission on all sales that originated from your Affiliate link
  • Exclusive offers and promotions offered to Affiliates only
  • 90 day referral period

If you’re interested in becoming a Bend Beauty Affiliate, please click here.

What makes a great Bend Beauty Affiliate?

We define beauty as a state of being—the conscious choice to live meaningfully, authentically, and a touch magically. Health and wellness are very important to us, and contribute to how we create and celebrate a beautiful life (and beautiful skin!).

We are also passionate about our environmental commitment and protecting the things in nature we love by reducing our ecological footprint.

Of course, having your own genuine experience with our products is key. This allows you to speak authentically about the real-life results you experience.  Here is an example of an excellent blog post that led to affiliate marketing success.

If you are a fan and your values align with our brand, we’d love to hear from you.

Become a Bend Beauty Affiliate