Key Takeaways 

  • The new year is a great time to refresh your routines with new self-care practices and products 
  • Tremella mushrooms are the new IT mushroom 
  • Skin health > makeup 

With a new year comes new trends in skin health. We love a fresh start, and an opportunity to refresh our routines with new practices and products to support beauty from within. Which of these trends will you incorporate into your routine in 2023? 

Trend #1 – Tremella Mushrooms for Skin Health 

While the health benefits of mushrooms are well established, in the last few years their benefits for skin health and wellness have become more apparent.  

The next “It-Mushroom”? Tremella. 

According to Who What Wear, tremella mushrooms (aka silver ear mushrooms) are “having a moment” as they’re “hydration superheroes.” You might even find tremella mushrooms in Bend Beauty’s next major product launch. 

Trend #2: Skin Health > Makeup 

The pandemic had a major impact on skincare and beauty routines, from the rise of at-home beauty treatments to maskne care and embracing our make-up-free faces on Zoom. If it’s taught us anything, it’s that a good canvas starts with healthy skin – and with that, Country & Townhouse magazine posits we may see a rise in combination skincare/makeup topical products like SPF in makeup, and a move towards “lip oils” as opposed to glosses.  

Trend #3: Continued Emphasis on At-Home Beauty Treatments 

While the pandemic inspired interest in doing at home-beauty treatments, the trend is here to stay. Whether we learned how to colour our hair at home, or perfect our own gel manicure treatments, DIY beauty and skincare treatments are continuing to gain popularity.  

Trends may come and go, but healthy skin starts from within.   

If ingestible beauty is new to you, we recommend incorporating our foundational product, Renew + Protect, into your skin health routine.  

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